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Well I basically post whatever I like, random things& things I can relate to.
Also I patiently wait for my love to come back <3

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Sometimes, I guess there just aren’t enough rocks.

Is Forrest Gump happening on TV right now or something because my aunt Paula literally just posted this quote in Facebook

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goodbye, cristina yang

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Cristina Yang - Season 1 to Season 10 (so far)

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Help pleaseeeee

My husband got oil all over his NEW uniform. Does anyone know how to get it off?? :/




"The brain can get sick too." 

End mental health stigma.

APSY 338: Abnormal Psychology👌
This shit is real.

OCD + Depression.

:/ it’s a daily struggle.

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Fuckin’ hate plucking my brows



Story of my life


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oh my god? why not “oh our god”, you selfish prick? unfollowed and blocked

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